International Boys’ Day would like to thank you for your donation to create positive change for Boys around the World.

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There is a growing international crisis with boys.  This is also fuelled by families without fathers and government policies. Our societies will fail if we do not value the important role that boys will play in the future as they grow into manhood.  Wherever possible children need a loving Father and Mother to give each child the best example and environment to be healthy mentally and physically. For this reason Dads4Kids is the global driving force coordinating International Boys’ Day.

Dads4Kids is a harm prevention charity based in Australia operating the International campaign and operations for Boys’ Day. Our mission is to improve the wellbeing of children through promoting and supporting good fathers. Children are always the benefactors of our charitable work. Donations over $2 are tax-deductible within Australia.

Your donation to the “Help the Children” Appeal will promote International Boys’ Day to create ‘positive male role models’ for communities around the world.

Please type “IBD” or “International Boys Day” in the Special Message field to have your donation go to International Boys’ Day.